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Facial Toning

Cryoskin 3.0 Toning facial uses cold therapy to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissue, stimulating production of collagen. The facial also improves muscle tone, and elasticity of the skin.

Cryoskin Slimming
Body Toning

The CRYOSKIN 3.0 also uses a combination of hot and cold temperature to tighten and lift loose skin and smooth cellulite. There is also a Cryofacial setting that gives you an instant lift, this relaxing facial smooths wrinkles and tightens skin instantly, it’s great before any big event! All procedures take between 15 and 28 minutes. Freeze, Tighten and Tone with Cryoskin 3.0

How Does

Cryoskin Work?

Cryoskin cools the skin just enough to reduce inches and improve the appearance of skin. The Peltier Effect gives Cryoskin precise temperature control, creating the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Unlike other body contouring treatments, Cryoskin has all the slimming benefits without the painful suction, long recovery and lengthy downtime.

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Happy Portrait

I committed to coming in for a weekly Cryoskin body slimming session on my love handles as well as a CryoSkin facial to clear up my acne-prone skin. But let me backtrack a second and explain my starting point.

At 28 years old, I work out at least 5 days a week for an hour and eat relatively well. But despite loving myself, there are still areas I am less than happy with. I have some stubborn side lower belly fat, neck and forehead wrinkles from too much sun and not enough SPF, and old acne scarring from picking.


Attractive Young Woman

I have been doing Cryoskin facial for 3 weeks now and my skin has never looked better... literally it's the best it has ever been. Lauryn, you are amazing!!


Woman in Yellow

Lauren did the BEST facial on me and I would highly recommend anyone to try the hydra-facial!!!!!! She's also so personable, sweet, and makes you feel welcomed. Once my natural lashes get better from the bad extensions I had from another lash place I tired months ago, she is also going to be doing my eye lash extensions. Thank you Lauryn!!!!!!


CRYOSKIN: Testimonials
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